Kartvelian scale

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The Kartvelian (heptatonic) scale is a modern interpretation of the traditional scale of Georgian folk music.

The scale is an alternating pattern of 4edf and 3ed4/3, conjoined together and closing at the octave. Musicologically, it is a candidate for the prototypical well temperament, if regarded to be an approximant of 7edo in cultural practice[citation needed].

The term Kartvelian scale, referring to the family of Kartvelian languages (of which the Georgian language is the main representative), seems to have been coined by Moremajorthanmajor.

Moremajorthanmajor has also generalized the Kartvelian scale into a whole family of scales, the Kartvelian scales.


Degree Cents
1 175.489
2 350.978
3 526.466
4 701.955
5 867.970
6 1033.985
7 1200.000