Just Intonation -- EDO calculator

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NOTE: This page is broken because MediaWiki doesn't support JavaScript. We may be able to get this going using Templates, but for now, this page is simply left here for reference. Instead see the backup of the wikispaces version here.

This script takes a numerator and denominator (both can be floating point numbers), which are intended to express some ratio of pitches, and returns the size of that ratio in logarithmic octaves (i.e., log2(n/d)), its size in cents (octaves *1200), and also the rational approximation expansion of the ratio in octaves, which tells us what the increasingly good estimates for that ratio are in terms of degrees of an equal division of the octave, or 'edo'...Insert a numerator and denominator of a Just Intonation ratio below: /

EDO Approximations (written as DEGREE\EDO; where convergents are in bold, and semi-convergents are in normal typeface):