Especially tempered dwarves

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By an especially tempered dwarf is meant a dwarf scale tempered in a manner specially suited to that dwarf. The dwarf scales below are described using wart notation, so that if Dwarf(12) appears under the 7-limit heading it means Dwarf(<12 19 28 34|), whereas Dwarf(14c) means Dwarf(<14 22 34 39|).


marveldene Dwarf(12) tempered in hecate

cat22 5-limit Dwarf(22) in catakleismic tempering, <197 312 457 553 681 728| tuning


dwarf14c7-hecate Dwarf(14c) tempered in hecate

fifteentofourteen Dwarf(15) marvel tempered to fourteen notes, 166et tunng

seventeentosixteen Dwarf(17c) manna tempered to sixteen notes, 72et tunng

chalmers-hecate Dwarf(19) tempered in hecate

dwarf72277 7-limit Dwarf(22) tempered in 77et