Dicot-meantone tetrachord arena

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There are nine divisions of the tetrachord in the dicot-meantone arena. Six of them are dicot-meantone-mavila wakalixes: 9/8-5/4-4/3, 9/8-6/5-4/3, 10/9-5/4-4/3, 10/9-32/27-4/3, 16/15-6/5-4/3, 16/15-32/27-4/3. The other three do not generate the full 5-limit: 10/9-6/5-4/3, 10/9-100/81-4/3, 27/25-6/5-4/3. These all generate the 4/3.8/5 subgroup, and are the rotations of the steps 10/9-27/25-10/9. The others rotate 9/8-10/9-16/15, the Didymos diatonic aka Ptolemy intense diatonic set of steps. The dicot-mavila arena has the same wakalixes, but instead of the 4/3.8/5 subgroup it has the three rotations of 16/15-75/64-16/15, generating 4/3.5/4.