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Jon Catler is a guitarist, a composer and the founder FreeNote Music, which includes the FreeNote microtonal guitar store, the WildHouse recording studio and the microtonal music label FreeNote Records. He has performed microtonal rock and blues music with bands such as JC + The Microtones and Willie McBlind.

Catler is one of the world's leading innovators on microtonal guitar. For many years, Catler's life has been devoted to the exploration of the "notes-between-the-notes," or microtonal music. Specifically, he has devised his own system of tuning based on just intonation or the pure intervals of the harmonic series. He has redesigned his guitar to allow an unprecedented range of consonance and dissonance, alternating between a 64-note per octave fretted guitar and a fretless. Noted for his work with legendary composer, La Monte Young, Catler can be heard as featured soloist on the Gramavision double-CD "La Monte Young and the Forever Bad Blues Band".

The 5-limit temperament tempering out the Pythagorean comma and the schisma was named catler in his honor.

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