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Lists and Tables

I went through Category:Lists and all its subcategories, and moved any pages that seemed to be more table than list to Category:Tables.

I also went through Category:Tables and moved any pages that seemed to be more list than table to Category:Lists or its most relevant subcategory.

There were some difficult-to-decide edge cases, like the NEJI tables, and almost everything in the Lists of Intervals subcategory. But in all these cases I decided to keep the pages in “lists”, because despite being formatted as tables, I thought they still functioned mostly as lists.

I decided not to remove the todo tag, because I think it’d still be helpful for someone else to look over these categories too and correct any misjudgements I made. But I think I’ve got most of the pages in the right place.

I also made “tables” into a subcategory of “lists” so that it is easy to navigate to “tables” from the “lists and galleries” link in the left sidebar. --BudjarnLambeth (talk) 00:15, 24 April 2023 (UTC)