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'AnaMark tuning file format' is a file format that contains microtonal tuning data. This file format can be used with various synthesizers. The files are commonly referred to as "tun files."

The file extension is *.tun. There is a variant that contains multiple scales within a single file and uses the extension *.msf.

This file format supports full keyboard microtuning. This means that any MIDI note can be assigned any arbitrary frequency, thereby allowing the musician absolute choice over what microtonal tuning they can use.

List of synths that support AnaMark tuning file format

See the List of Microtonal Software Plugins.

Implementing AnaMark tun file support in a synthesizer (developers)

Resources are available online to help you implement support for AnaMark .tun files in a synthesizer.

Generating your own AnaMark tuning files

AnaMark tuning files are text files that could be written by scratch, but it is more convenient to generate these files using software such as:

  • Custom Scale Editor
  • Scala
  • Scale Workshop

Version differences

todo - v0, v1, v2, (v3)

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