Alexei Ogolevets

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Alexei Stepanovich Ogolevets (Russian: Алексей Степанович Оголевец) was a Soviet musicologist, one of the microtonal pioneers. He put forward novel temperament principles and created early 17-EDO and 29-EDO musical instruments. He worked at the theoretical problems of harmonic thinking, tonal systems, and modes.

He put forward a 29-EDO piano keyboard, based on the common-practice 12-EDO piano keyboard. This layout is presently known and used in pedagogic practice under the name "Ogolevets-Brainin keyboard", implemented on the Web browser-based software "Specialized 29-EDO Keyboards" by Sergey A. Kryukov in collaboration with Valeri Brainin, who fixed some problems in the original Ogolevets layout.

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