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Definition of Adaptive JI (Tonalsoft encyclopedia)


Mutabor Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Uses its own programming language to describe pitches, (re)tunings and reactions to events.

alt-tuner PCs, macs and Linux/Wine. DAW plug-in (requires REAPER) that retunes almost every midi keyboard or softsynth.

L'il Miss' Scale Oven OS X application. Has a proprietary dynamic retuning system called Nuscale.

TonesInTune Add-in to Microsoft Excel (x32 & composition only). Re-introduces dynamic intonation, a key feature of most acoustic music instruments.

Hermode tuning Algorithm/feature embedded in 3rd party applications. Tunes only the fifths and thirds of electronic instruments dynamically in real time.


Local Anomaly by William Sethares

Three Ears by William Sethares

Piano11 by Carlo Serafini

Carlos Glass 1 by Carlo Serafini (blog entry)