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Aaron Andrew Hunt is the sole proprietor of Hπ Instruments. He invents and designs all Hπ products, functionally, aesthetically, and physically, and builds them all by hand. Since 1996, he has dedicated himself to building tools to explore what he believes to be the most fundamental frontier still existing in music — pitch.


2006 - present: Founder and Sole Proprietor of H-Pi Instruments

2002 - 2007: Instructor of Music Theory and Composition at Eastern Illinois University

  • Courses Taught: Music Theory and Aural Training (all levels), Composition, Counterpoint (Bach style), Music Analysis (17th-19th Century), Electronic Music

2000 - 2002: Independent Scholar, Chicago Illinois

1999: PhD Studies in Music Composition at the University of Minnesota

  • Studied Musics of the Balkan Region with Miriana Lausevic

1999: Instructor of Music Theory and Composition at Eastern Illinois University

1997 - 1999: Freelance teacher, recording engineer, graphic designer and pipe organ tuner

1996: U.S. Patent 5,582,410 Multi-Player Chess Game, Issued December 10, 1996.

1996: Pipe Organ Technician with Goulding & Wood, Inc., Indianapolis Indiana

  • Pipe organ tuning, temperament setting, installation and maintanence
  • Woodworking, electrical wiring / soldering

1994 - 1996: Masters Degree in Music Composition from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinatti

  • Winner of the 1995 AGO/Holtkamp composition prize: Fantasia and Fugue on St. Theodulph for pipe organ [link]
  • Composition Teachers: Samuel Adler, Sylvia Bodorova, John McCabe, Marta Ptaszynska, and Allen Sapp
  • Organ: David Mulbury, Kevin Ballard, Leon Couch III; Viol: James Lambert
  • Thesis: Diatonic Inversional Theory


Some of Hunt's compositions can be found at http://www.h-pi.com/musicFiles.html (dead link) (some microtonal/xenharmonic pieces are available on SoundCloud)