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Aaron Andrew Hunt is a composer and teacher of counterpoint, the inventor of the Tonal Plexus keyboard and several other microtonal devices, and developer of software for microtonal music available through Hπ Instruments. His microtonal work is based on a combination of ancient tuning theory and modern research in psychoacoustics and data visualization (see Hunt system in the #Theory section).


Hunt's music, including The Equal-Tempered Keyboard, a collection of microtonal preludes and fugues in every equal division of the octave between 5 and 20 tones, is published through Zwillinge Verlag.

Recordings can be found at Bandcamp (see #External links).


  • The Hunt system is a comprehensive microtonal system in which all possible pitches and intervals are named with a 1-to-1 correspondence to a keyboard instrument (the Tonal Plexus) and 1-to-1 correspondence to notes on a staff, in which microtonal accidentals are not necessary.

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