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Interval information
Ratio 729/490
Monzo [-1 6 -1 -2
Size in cents 687.76448
Name(s) complex sensamagic fifth
Color name rrg4, rurugu 4th
FJS name A45,49
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729/490, the complex sensamagic fifth is a 7-limit ratio of about 687 cents, flat of a just fifth 3/2 by a sensamagic comma 245/243.

It arises in just intonation as the difference between the semidiminished fourth 35/27 and the supermajor seventh 27/14, making it a critical tempering target in the Sensamagic dominant chord. However, its distinction from 3/2 is emphasised in the canou family of temperaments, through its accessibility by two steps of the 81/70-generator.

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