22 EDO Chords

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22 EDO contains a huge wealth of harmonic sonorities for a curious musician to explore. Besides normal major and minor, 22 EDO features a nice amount of 7-limit and 11-limit chords.


22 EDO contains many possibilities for triads, this list is by no means an exhaustive one, but it highlights some common and interesting one's.

Major M3, P5 0-381-709 M, Maj
Minor m3, P5 0-327-709 m, min, -
SuperMajor S3, P5 0-436-709 S, Sup, ^
SubMinor s3, P5 0-272-709 s, Sub, v
Magical m3, m5 0-327-654 mag, *
Tiny s3, t5 0-272-545 t
Giant S3, G5 0-436-872 G

Seventh Chords

While triads show promise, the real fun is tetrads in 22 EDO. There are a wealth of interesting sonorities by a variety of four note tertian based chords.

Major Seventh M3, P5, M7 000-381-709-1090 Maj7, M7
Minor Seventh m3, P5, m7 000-327-709-1036 min7, m7, -7
Super Seventh S3, P5, S7 000-436-709-1145 Sup7, S7,^7
Sub Seventh s3, P5, s7 000-272-709-981 Sub7, s7
Magical Seventh m3, m5, s7 000-327-654-981 Mag7, *7
Major Super seventh M7, P5, S7 000-381-709-1145 MS7, M^7
Minor Sub Seventh m7, P5, s7 000-327-709-981 ms7
Super Minor Seventh S3, P5, m7 000-436-709-1036 Sm7
Sub Major Seventh s3, P5, M7 000-272-709-1090 sM7
Super Sub Seventh S3, P5, s7 000-436-709-981 Ss7, Supsub7
Harmonic Seventh M3, P5, s7 000-381-709-981 Harm7, H7
Tiny seventh s3, t5, t7 000-272-545-818 t7
Giant Sixth S3, G5, G6 000-436-872-1145 G6
Harmonic Minor Sixth m3, P5, S6 000-327-709-927 Hm6

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