12edo comma pump examples

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The most common kind of comma pump encountered in "non-xenharmonic" Western music is the meantone comma pump, for which there is a separate page: Meantone comma pump examples. These work in any meantone temperament, including 19edo, 26edo, 31edo, etc. Since standard notation is based on meantone, these don't appear unusual in any way.

However, comma pumps of other commas tempered out by 12edo are also found. These necessarily involve spelling an interval unusually (for example spelling a major third as a diminished fourth), because they involve an enharmonic pun (e.g. G#~Ab).

Augmented (128/125) comma pumps

Comma pumps based on 128/125, the diesis.

Diminished (648/625) comma pumps

based on 648/625, todo.

Srutal (2048/2025) comma pumps

based on 2048/2025, todo.