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I think it would be useful if this page were named something like "extended 12-EDO interval categories," or something like that.

It's a prime objective right now for me to get my brain into categorizing things differently, and this page continues to enshrine the usual 12-EDO based ones, which is worse damage than using something like cents vs millioctaves or whatever could ever do.

Also, if you heard the categorical experiments I did, there were times when ~160 cent intervals were unmistakably "half steps," and if you've listened to the mavila experiments, there were also times when they were unmistakably "whole steps." This thus suggests that the perception of a category may be subject to considerable hysteresis.

Food for thought.

- mbattaglia1 March 22, 2012, 07:48:47 AM UTC-0700

If this page isn't general enough, it's because there's only one take on it. I put it under the heading of "The Schulter System" because that's what I wanted to report on. I beg you to add more headings, and if they're more general, please feel free to add them first!

- Andrew_Heathwaite March 22, 2012, 05:04:11 PM UTC-0700