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Magic spiral for three voices (basic)

If you're on: For downward spiral, move thus: For upward spiral:
5th up 2 dieses up 3 dieses
3rd stay down 2 dieses
root down 3 dieses stay
  1. Decide on downward (C-E-G#-B#) or upward (C-Ab-Fb-Dbb) root movement. We found downward easier almost every time.
  2. Sing a just major triad (4:5:6), any inversion, open or closed spacing. Tune and match vowel to lowest voice.
  3. Move in accordance with the chart. Since two people are moving each time, make eye contact to synchronize the change.

After three moves, you will have the same triad one diesis up or down. Keep going if you can!

recording on [u]: magic spiral basic (andrew jacob ryan) 5_11_07.mp3