Slendric pentad

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The slendric pentad is an essentially tempered dyadic chord with five notes to the octave which can also be considered a pentatonic scale. In close position, reduced to an octave, it consists of a chain of four supermajor seconds, of size approximately 8/7, and a subminor third of size approximately 7/6, which closes at the octave since the gamelisma, 1029/1024, is tempered out. It is in other words a 8/7-8/7-8/7-8/7-7/6 chord, which is a 1029/1024 (gamelan tempered) version of 1-8/7-21/16-3/2-12/7. Equal (edo) temperaments with gamelismic pentads include 26, 31, 41, 46, 72, 77, 87, 118 and 190.