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The Wis-dumb of the Metaclowns.

Metaclowns are characterized by ideological agility.

Metaclowns operate in meta-reality, a dynamic between multiple realities, i.e. the multiverse as as-much-as-such.

They have a mature (living/bleeding-edge, in fact) paradigm for dealing with and between paradigms.

They unearth unearthly assumptions and contradictions within single systems: the humans they meet; bastions of status-quo culture...

Metaclowns have an agenda, and some things that come close to it are:

- applied cybernetics

- participation

- cooperation

- liberation

- adding alternatives that add alternatives

- wield the leverage point of adding a missing idea

- (objectivity) and a relativism which cares for (not dismisses) each I's subjectivity

can activate certain ways of looking (at) situations, as if donning a pair of goggles:

- form/content

- negative/constraint

- design, desire, preference, standards, critique

- addition/substitution

- left/right/wrong/learning

- power, energy

A metaclown has meta-intentions and meta-desires. What you see a metaclown doing is never as simple as it seems.

A metaclown pitches graceful alternatives (nay, antidotes) to competition and dichotomizing, when those things affect "serious" matters.

A metaclown can also diffuse various strains of whining, playing victim to realities, causality addiction, overgeneralizing, boredom...

When a metaclown disagrees, e does so with lightning precision.

A metaclown wields formulations and aphorisms -- nuggets of language, tucked away -- as a magician wields spells and tricks.

A metaclown is an example of a lannguage paramedic and of a craftsperson in time.