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Links should have meaningful text, something like "here" is not acceptable

  • it loses every information when the containing page is printed out
  • it reads bad (How would you teach a child to speak? "...what are your pointing to...", "...what's the name of this thing...")
  • there is no clue about the link target (or do you really want to force your reader to leave the text and read the link URL at the bottom of the browser window, or even long–tap the link in touchscreens?)
  • it's psychologically/pedagogically bad because you refuse valuable repetition of terminology

Bad text

  • here
  • click here

Good text

To find a good text for your link, you have to think a bit about your text, sometimes, you have to rewrite a section. If nothing helps, add a section that explicitly prepares for a list, make this list typographically obvious and use the page title of the link targets (there are helpful add-ons for browsers).

todo: add realistic examples

The best solution is when the text in the referring page and title of the target are identical. Most wikis have great support for this kind of linking.

Further reading

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