Biheptatonic scale

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A biheptatonic scale is a 14-note octave-equivalent scale where both the set of odd-numbered notes and the set of even-numbered notes form a fixed choice of heptatonic scale. Following from this, biheptatonic scales based on a MOS heptatonic scale have a maximum of two sizes for intervals that are an even number of steps. All biheptatonic scales are flought scales.

JI biheptatonic scales

  • Zil[14] is the following group constant structure (or its chiral inverse): 36/35 16/15 8/7 6/5 128/105 4/3 48/35 3/2 32/21 8/5 12/7 9/5 64/35 2/1. It is biheptatonic with the 5-limit Zarlino heptatonic 16/15 6/5 4/3 3/2 8/5 9/5 2/1, separated by an offset of 8/7.