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(td/dr: Don't be a jerk.)

This is a long-running site that actually evolved from pre-World Wide Web groups that met in person, and over the postal mail. (!).

We are devoted to spreading useful knowledge of microtonal music, in all forms and genres.

We do welcome newcomers, as long as they don't cause problems, and are respectful. To that end, please play nice.

And remember, this site is run by volunteer contributors who are actual humans with real lives and stuff.

Basically the only rules here are:

--We have a 1-strike rule for anyone intentionally doing destructive behavior. (Like blanking a page or section, vandalism, calling people names, etc.) Do that and you're gone for good.

--At some point, someone will invariably edit someone else's work in a way the other person doesn't like. This is expected, and can be resolved by reasonable people.

But if you do this repeatedly in a way that causes strife, if it makes you more of a burden and less of an asset, you're gone for a year. After a year you can re-apply, explain how you've changed, and we will reevaluate.

Thank you, and if you find the site useful, please tell two friends.