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← 30ed631ed632ed6 →
Prime factorization 31 (prime)
Step size 100.063¢
Octave 12\31ed6 (1200.76¢)
Twelfth 19\31ed6 (1901.2¢)
Consistency limit 10
Distinct consistency limit 5

Division of the sixth harmonic into 31 equal parts (31ED6) is very nearly identical to 12 EDO, but with the 6/1 rather than the 2/1 being just. The octave is about 0.7568 cents stretched and the step size is about 100.0631 cents.

Division of 6/1 into 31 equal parts

Note: 31 equal divisions of the hexatave is not a "real" xenharmonic tuning; it is a slightly stretched version (with an octave of 1200.8 cents) of the normal 12-tone scale, similar to 19ED3.

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