Well-Tempered 13edo Clavier

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The Well-Tempered 13edo Clavier (WT13C) is a collaborative Discord project to create 14 pieces in 13edo, not necessarily in a Baroque style. This project is currently on hiatus, but anyone is welcome to resurrect it.

Despite the name, any detuning of 13edo close enough to 13edo to qualify as a well temperament may be used.


Each item should have an mp3 and a score file.

You may use any notation as long as you clearly specify the notation. The key centers on this page are in 26edo notation with C = 261.625... Hz.

  1. C
  2. Cx
  3. D
  4. Dx
  5. E
  6. Fb
  7. F# Celephaisian (LsLLsLLs): Inthar (Neobaroque prelude and fugue)
  8. Gb
  9. G#
  10. Ab
  11. A#
  12. Bb
  13. B#
  14. Keyless