Unusual Microtonal Chords

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This page talks about odd terminology and interesting chords that exist in microtonal tunings. Specifically, chords which work as altered versions of 12 EDO chords.

Suspended Seven Chord

Anybody familiar with 12 ET pop music has heard of suspended chords which come in either sus4 or sus2 variety. In this sense, both chords form a suspension which originally meant to resolve to the third in the chord. Some xen musicians consider 11/6 to be a new sort of suspended, neutral like sound which can work too as a suspension resolving to either the octave or the major/minor seventh of a chord. Thus, a chord of 6:9:11 can be considered a sus7 chord. Unlike it's close neighbors, 11/6 has a floaty like sound which works perfectly for that light sound people want in modern music yet is xen enough to feel fresh. While it throws a new quality and color in the chord compared to sus4 or sus2, sus7 chords generally have a somewhat reminiscent quality of suspended chords.

Technical name is a Neutral Seventh Omit 5 but sus7 tends to work.

Listen to the Sus7 chord Sus7 chord midi.mp3