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Page for random here 'n' there short tips on using various software.

These may later be folded into more specific pages, but will be the dumping ground for now, just to have them searchable.

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TUTORIAL ON bulk conversions in Scala from .scl to .mts (or .scl to .tun, etc.)

This is how I converted the 4000 scala files to MTS for my VST synth.

Manuel at Scala showed me how.

It's a little tricky, and involves Command Line stuff, but here it is:

In the CMD line field at the bottom of Scala, Specify output format.

For .mts it's

set synth 107

for .tun it's

set synth 112

Then CD to the folder where your scales are.

Enter this in the CMD line field:

iterate "send/file %scl" *.scl

Hit enter. It will convert all the files and output them to the same folder. Then you can sort by type in folder, and move them to another folder.


More on using Scala in Sevish's video, here.

CMD line commands for Windows (if you're using Linux, you probably know them for Linux already).