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(This article describes one way to lay out the pitches of 34-edo on a grid. It is written with guitarists in mind, but it is relevant to other instruments with two-dimensional grid layouts -- even hexagonal ones.)

One way to play in 34-edo is with 11 steps between strings and 2 steps between frets. This lets you use a 17-edo guitar, which is easier to play than a 34-edo guitar. This gives you a wider range than tuning in minor thirds, while keeping it just as easy to play 5-limit chords, but makes certain other intervals harder to play, particularly octaves and ratios of 7&11.

The image below (or at right, or somewhere) indicates where octaves and odd harmonics lie. For readability, the numbers are written modulo octaves -- thus, 5 is written instead of 5/4, 3 is written instead of 3/2, etc. 34-edo is consistent in the group, so the path between any two of those numbers indicates the best way to play the associated fraction. For instance, going up one string and down one fret will bring you from 5 to 3, that is from 5/4 to 3/2, and will thus result in 34-edo's best approximation to 6/5 = (3/2) / (5/4).

Where the odd harmonics through the 23rd lie in an isomorphic 11\34 x 2\34 layout