First Five Octaves of the Harmonic Series

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The first five octaves of the harmonic series!

Dante Rosati writes:

Each octave of the harmonic series introduces something new. The first octave contains only the fundamental (1) and is the single source of all. The second octave adds the 5th (2:3), which is the One hypostatizing and knowing itself. The third octave (4:5:6:7) not only begins the process of differentiating the space between the One and its hypostases (5) but also the space that manifestation projects forward in its return to the One (7). In a musical context, this octave introduces the chord, not as triad but as "dominant seventh", showing that the brothers in the 20th century, in making this chord the fundamental chord of the blues, have their pulses firmly attuned to the cosmos. The fourth octave (8-15) I call the "diatonic harmonic series scale" since its 8 notes is in the realm of our 7 note scale. The 16 note fifth octave (16-31), I would call the Chromatic Harmonic Series scale for the same reason.

Andrew Heathwaite makes an accompanying diagram:


...the same in PDF form: firstfiveoctavesHarmonicSeries20100410.pdf