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(description of File:Space Tour.mp3)

This song has a story to go with it, and the story goes like this:

You pay to get on a spaceship to take a tour of some parts of space, and as you're getting ready, you imagine all the kinds of sights you'll see and that you'll have the experience of a lifetime, but after you arrive at the spaceport, you hear rumors about the company running the tour, and not the good kind. As you see many and various beautiful sights, ranging from nebulae, to strange planets and other things at different stops along the tour, and even take your share of pictures, you take time to reflect on what you'll tell your family back home about what you've seen. At the same time, you can't help but wonder about the rumors floating around. Eventually you overhear some of the staff talking about problems with the ship, and dissing the company for negligence. Sure enough, the ship is forced to turn around and head back to Earth, but as they arrive, suddenly, things start going wrong with the ship, and you're forced to get into an escape pod. After ejecting from the ship, your escape pod lands in the forest somewhere in Canada, and worse, the GPS on the escape pod that would otherwise alert rescuers to your position is busted, so you're effectively stranded. Eventually, however, you are found, and after a long string of interviews about your experience, you finally return home in one piece, but not without having had the experience of a lifetime and acquiring a mild case of PTSD.

As to which EDO is being used or mimicked where:

00:00-00:14 1edo
00:14-01:12 12edo
01:12-01:27 2edo
01:27-02:25 14edo
02:25-02:39 1edo
02:39-03:54 17edo
03:54-04:53 19edo
04:53-05:07 1edo
05:07-07:16 22edo
07:16-07:30 1edo
07:30-09:29 24edo
09:29-09:43 1edo
09:43-10:41 27edo
10:41-10:56 1edo
10:56-11:53 31edo
11:53-12:07 159edo tonicization of note located roughly 11/8 above the original tonic
12:07-13:19 35edo
13:19-14:32 41edo
14:32-14:52 159edo tonicization of note located roughly 224/135 above the original tonic
14:52-17:04 53edo
17:04-17:22 159edo tonicization of original tonic
17:22-20:21 159edo diatonic key with added 11/8, 13/8, and 55/32

At the end of the day, it appears that 159edo really is quite a sophisticated and expressive music system.

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