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CLICK TO LISTEN Autumn 1.mp3 for 96edo Conic Bellophone, percussion, Trombone, Trumpet, Cello and Bass Clarinet.

More details about this performance:

All instruments apart from the 96edo conic bellophone played in quartertones with extensive use of glissandi.

First official presentation in March 2007 at the UK Microfest2

Lee Ferguson, percussionist from 'Duo Contour', showed great virtuosity considering he had only a day to prepare.

Steve Altoft, from 'Duo Contour', played his quartertone valve trumpet, which was required for the composition.

Cello - Bozidar Vukotic - Quartertones at high speed were played with precission.

The contemporary trombonist Allan Tomlinson enjoyed the continuous glissandi with quartertones and requested a solo piece.

The Italian bass clarinetist Guido Arbonelli played remarkable multiphonics, a live lesson for my orchestration skills.

The Timpanist and percussionist Peter Curic unfortunately got sick the day before the concert and the London based percussionist

Matthew West was able to join on the spot. Great pedal technique on the timpani.

Lewis Jones conducted with great maestry. He is also my main research supervisor at the music technology department of the London Metropolitan University. My composition tutor is Javier Garavaglia. Both, Lewis Jones and Javier Garavaglia have guided me with great enthusiasm throughout the whole process.

After the performance the guitarist Wim Hoogewerf with Lee Ferguson, played a 96 edo guitar (1/4 tone frets and 6 E strings 1/16 of a tone appart) and 96edo conic bellophone duet. They played an amazing ascending chromatic scale (range of an octave) using the 96 notes in unison, and then some zig-zag exercises. They also played a duet I wrote for 96 equal temperament guitar and bellophone. Lee Ferguson also played a solo study for the conic bellophone (an adaptation of that study for 4 hands on the conic bellophone which Lee Ferguson played with Petar Curic was before in September 2007 at the Wild Dog Festival (SPNM review). Petar and Lee's skills speak by themselves!

Tony Salinas