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CSS and JavaScript is generally involved in MediaWiki-based Wikis. But while inline CSS is permitted, inline JavaScript is not available.

Most HTML tags for example tt, code, pre, div, span etc. can be directly embedded in the Wiki markup, some HTML tags (for example a or img) can not. For the allowed tags, you can define inline-CSS by setting the style attribute for instance <span style="border: 1px solid grey; padding: 0 1em">framed sometext</span> which is rendered like this framed sometext.

User-defined CSS and JavaScript is enabled for the XenWiki. If your personal solutions turn out to be useful for the overall wiki, it will potentially integrated into the site-wide styles or scripts.

Use the SandBox for experimentation or start a page in the user namespace, IOW as a subpage of your user page, for example User:YourName/Sandbox.

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