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(if i say meh, then that just means i havent messed with it enough or heard enough music in it)

5 - Equipentatonic.

7 - Equi-diatonic.

8 - Good edo if you like having 10:11:12:13-based harmony, only neutral second steps and no conventional consonances.

9 - Simplest and most extreme mavila tuning.

10 - The first conventional-sounding EDO in that it has both fifths and at least two sizes of seconds. The 7-note neutral third scale is cool.

11 - Supports some cool chords and scales. The widened seconds and thirds are a vibe in itself. Underrated.

12 - Not a bad tuning, all things considered.

13 - The 7- and 8-note pseudo-diatonic scales are good entry points for a beginner. Using the intervals which are similar to 12edo but have different moods requires balancing different tradeoffs.

14 - Intriguing and spicy tuning.

15 - Great tuning for simple but cool alternate-universe 5-limit temperaments such as porcupine and blackwood.

16 - Decent 5/4~16/13 and good 7/4. OK mavila tuning, but 41edo is better because of the harder but not too hard step ratio.

17 - Smallest edo that supports both the diatonic scale and (non-degenerate) 10-note neutral-third scales.

18 - The quintessential dual-fifth edo, with two fifths (667¢ and 733¢) that are almost equally off from 3/2. Supports the dual-fifth temperaments A-Team and sixix. It's the sixix tuning with the "worst" fifths but it still sounds fine; you just have to watch out for commas when viewing 18edo sixix as a dual-fifth temperament.

19 - The diatonic scale is useful for relaxing music; the Lydian especially shines. Also good for alternate-universe 5-limit comma pumps, and OK for semaphore.

20 - Meh.

21 - Interesting oneirotonic tuning (generator 8\21).

22 - Efficient 11-limit edo with features of 15edo, 17edo and 19edo. Some scales are good like superpyth[5] and porcupine, others like pajara I don't like so much.

23 - The most interesting edo without a good fifth.

24 - Neutral-thirds edo with 12edo subset. Better semaphore than 19edo.

25 - Meh.

26 - Cool lydian. Also adds a perfect fifth and a 7/4 to 13edo's good approximations of 11/8 and 13/8; worth exploring for that reason alone.

27 - Great underexplored edo, with solid harmony and scales. Better than 19edo on the subgroup. This is the point where rank-2 theory starts to be very insufficient for fully exploring the possibilities.

28 - Nothing interesting lower numbered edos don't have.

29 - Very cool diatonic scale.

30 - Meh.

31 - Meantone plus galaxy-brain enharmonic harmony.

32 - Like 27edo, with worse major seconds and thirds.

33 - Meh.

34 - 17EDO, but now there's a good third. The oneirotonic scale (generator 13\34) is very nice.

35 - Meh.

36 - 12EDO with 7th and 13th harmonics and phi.

41 - This and more accurate tunings are essentially JI.