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Where would one link to music in a JI subgroup?

I can't find any special place to do it.

- kai.lugheidh May 29, 2017, 03:32:22 PM UTC-0700

I think here is a good starting point :) What p-limit is it in? If higher than 13, start a new section.

- xenwolf May 29, 2017, 11:50:10 PM UTC-0700

7-limit, 2.3.7 subgroup. I was just thinking because the n-limit pages all have their sections for music that there would be one specifically for subgroups.

- kai.lugheidh May 31, 2017, 08:59:37 AM UTC-0700

links corrected

I changed links for my music to point to my soundcloud postings, where the music is uploaded as .wav files ... the mp3 versions previous did not sound good.

- williamcopper August 07, 2014, 01:47:04 AM UTC-0700