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Let's hear it!

Mike, it's exciting to see you delving into 5+3. I'd love to hear some examples of what you're talking about. I imagine some kind of theme and variations, where the theme gets fitted to a bunch of nearby 5+3 temperaments with different emphases. Melodic points that were consonant become dissonant in the new harmonic texture -- so what do you have to do with rhythm and inflection to accommodate that? Fun stuff.

- Andrew_Heathwaite September 14, 2011, 08:26:10 AM UTC-0700

Yeah, there's a lot here. I started off by trying to explore some "Father" style temperaments, but soon realized that if the generator is large enough, you start to get something closer to 11/7. I hit on, at one point, the most magical temperament for 4:7:9:11 I've ever seen, gave me this visual of icicles dripping down and such, and I for some reason in my 5 AM stupor decided that it was a "dumber mapping for sensi." It clearly wasn't, so now I have to figure it out again. Damn.

Just not enough time to get to everything nowadays, I'll have to come back to this. I think that it would sound much like the 7th mode of melodic minor in 12-equal - you can either use that diminished fourth as dissonant, as much of common practice music does, or you can use it as consonant and as part of a dominant 7 chord, as is commonly used in jazz. The first corresponds to meantone temperament, and the second corresponds to schismatic temperament, and the two coexist only in 12-equal. So I expect the whole thing would be much like that.

- mbattaglia1 September 14, 2011, 05:52:48 PM UTC-0700