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The site has needed a page like this for a long time. Because sometimes destructive people come along, blank pages or sections they don't like, call people names, etc. And when chided they invariably say some variation on "I NEVER AGREED TO THAT! I NEVER SAW THAT IN WRITING!"

But with this page, we can point them here.

I would like to see the sign-up page requiring reading this page and agreeing to it. There is now a very short form of that, one line, on the sign up, that I asked Tyler to add and he did. But I think it should be spelled out more, as on this Conduct page.

I think this should also be a link on the left sidebar, under "Other", just as one word, "Conduct", below one link that should be added, "Terms of Service."

This info is sort of included in the TOS, but that's long, this is short, practiacly no one reads TOS. (But they're good to have, to cover one's butt from the law.)

Also, the TOS doesn't spell out "you will be booted" if you vandalize, blank pages or sections, call people names. This Conduct page spells it out.

Kite G, Stephen Weigel, and Jacob (tae) have talked with me about needing more anti-troll controls.

I wrote this Conduct page text to be on the TOS (legal) page. But Tyler and Mike B. pointed out that it should probably be a different page. (Tyler's note about that is on the Talk page for the TOS page, just search "Tyler" here ):

So here we go. I welcome feedback on this, especially from people who are current editors on this wiki.