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What does the variable "n" mean?

Midway down the page:

"This is sometimes called a k)n cps. There are special names for special cases: a 2)4 cps is called a hexany; both 2)5 and 3)5 cps are called dekanies; both 2)6 and 4)6 cps are called pentadekanies, and a 3)6 cps an eikosany. These are normally considered in connection with just intonation, so that the starting set is a set of positive rational numbers, but nothing prevents consideration of the more general case."

k)n is related to the notation CPS(S,k) earlier in the page. I assume that n is some kind of shorthand for S. To turn k)n into CPS(S,k), we have to somehow turn n into S. I assume that S is the set of all primes and their reciprocals up to the nth prime, or something like that?

- mbattaglia1 October 29, 2011, 08:14:28 PM UTC-0700