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Divisions of sixths through tenths into n equal parts

Division of intervals between e. g. the 11:7 and the 7:3 into equal parts can be conceived of as to directly use a certain one of these intervals as an equivalence, or not. Outside of the octave and pseudooctave, the question of equivalence has not even been posed yet. The practical utility of intervals in this region as bases, though, is largely unlimited by seriously muddy triad voicings and not-entirely-coherent scales. In the many of these scales where a pseudo (false) octave appears without being the interval of equivalence, this interval (at its particular degree of accuracy) can be perceptually important in the most "obvious" context.

Notation for albitonic scales in edIXs and edXs

Octatonic Enneatonic
Nominal F-G-A-B-H-C-D-E F-G-A-B-H-C-D-S-E


Solfège I da-ro(l)-ma-fi-bu/ku-so-le-si/ti da-ro(l)-ma-fi-bu-so-le-ku-si/ti


Solfège II fo-se-li-sa/ta-bu/ku-do(l)-ra-mi fo-se-li-sa/ta-bu-do(l)-ra-ku-mi