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Interval information
Ratio 9/5
Monzo [0 2 -1
Size in cents 1017.5963
Name(s) just minor seventh
Color name g7, gu 7th
FJS name m75

[sound info]

9/5 is a treated as a consonance in 5-limit just intonation, forming a part of such chords such as the 1-6/5-3/2-9/5 minor seventh chord, and the supermajor tetrad, 1-9/7-3/2-9/5 in the 7-limit.

Coincidentally, the ratio between a common "alternative" tuning frequency (A432) and the most common AC electrical frequency (60hz) is exactly 36/5, two octaves above 9/5. This is notably a more consonant interval than the 11/6 formed by the more common tuning frequency of A440, which may lead to a noticeable improvement in consonance when electrically powered instruments or amplifiers are interfered with by AC power.

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