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Interval information
JI glyph Glyph 6 5.png
Ratio 6/5
Monzo |1 1 -1>
Size in cents 315.64129
Name(s) minor third
Color name g3, gu 3rd

[sound info]

In 5-limit Just Intonation, 6/5 is the classic minor third, measuring about 315.6¢. It is sharp of the Pythagorean minor third of 32/27 (about 294.1¢) as well as the 300¢ minor third of 4edo, 12edo and all other 4n-edos. It arises in the harmonic series between the 5th and 6th overtones and appears in the 5-limit otonal triad of 4:5:6. A 5-limit minor triad in just intonation can be written 10:12:15, with 6/5 falling between 10 and 12, 5/4 falling between 12 and 15, and 3/2 falling between 10 and 15.

In higher-limit JI, 6/5 is only one of many minor thirds. A popular one in the 7-limit is 7/6 (about 266.9¢), the septimal subminor third, which is 36/35 (about 48.8¢) flat of 6/5. Another in the 13-limit is 13/11 (about 289.2¢), which is 66/65 (about 26.4¢) flat of 6/5. Both of these are more complex intervals than 6/5 and have their own character to them.

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